Pa’l Norte 2023: Ximena Sariñana demands no more violence after attack on her manager

During his presentation at the Pa’l Norte 2023singer Ximena Sarinana sent a strong and moving message to eradicate violence, this after his musicians and their production manager were attacked by a group of men after their presentation at the Horse Fair in Texcocolast Monday March 27.

At one point in his presentation, Ximena Sariñana spoke of her feelings regarding this issue and, with a broken voice, said that the violence It should not be the reason that turns off the light that each person carries inside and he rescued the company that his public offers him at this time.

“We are very very very sad and very angry, but at the same time we are here accompanied by you and violence will never turn us off, and It will never turn off the light that we all carry inside. This concert is for Melche (production manager), so thank you very much, Monterrey (…) No more violence, thank you!” the singer said.

During his presentation at Pa’l Norte 2023celebrated on Fundidora Park, Ximena Sariñana he used a blouse with which he also sent a message to demand concerts free of violence. “The crew and life are respected #EspectáculosSeguros”, “Today for Melche, tomorrow for you”, could be read on the singer’s blouse.

“Unfortunately, two minutes after I (Ximena Sariñana) left the place, some men locked my musicians and my crew in a dressing room while in the other they attacked and beat my production manager until it was completely bloodied. The consequences that this has on our team and on the life and health of our partner are still incalculable,” he said.

In his statementXimena Sariñana deeply regretted the fact that security could not be guaranteed by the event organizers.

“It fills us with rage and impotence that in a public and family event our security could not be guaranteed by people who hire us and those who organize these events,” he wrote.

In turn, he specified that in coordination everything necessary is done with the authorities to get justice for this attack.

“My team is doing everything in our power, adhering to the law, to find those responsible and for justice to be done. It hurts a lot that violence touches everything around us, to something so pure and magical like live music”, concluded Ximena Sariñana in her statement.