Palestinian terrorists fired more than 20 rockets from Gaza into Israel: three are injured, one seriously

Rocket fire from Gaza towards Israel, in Gaza, May 2, 2023. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (MOHAMMED SALEM/)

Palestinian militias fired 22 rockets this afternoon from Gaza towards Israelthe second launch of the day, which caused three injured, one seriouslyafter the impact of projectiles in some works in the Israeli town of sderotaccording to emergency services.

”22 rocket launches were identified from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory“, of which four were intercepted and 16 fell in unpopulated areassaid an Israeli army spokesman.

The police reported that they are dealing with five different rocket impact sites in urban areas.

One of the rockets hit a construction site in the city of sderotseriously injuring a man, according to doctors.

Images circulating on the Internet show the impact of another rocket on a street in Sderot.

The tension shot up this morning after the death of the Palestinian prisoner jader adnanmember of the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (YIP) who had been on hunger strike for 86 days, followed by the launch of three rockets from Gaza a few hours after his death was announced.

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