Paola Rojas reveals the reason why her son is bullied at school: “It hurts me”

Paola Rojas reveals the reason why her son is bullied at school


Paola Rojas has paid dearly for the price of fame, as being a public figure has caused her children to have some problems at school.

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Recently, the host revealed in a Netas divina broadcast that one of the children, the result of her marriage to “Zague”, has been a victim of bullying, which is why she has broken down because she could not stop it.

“My son prevented me from going to his soccer practices. At first he did it in very subtle ways and in ways that allowed his creativity to reach him, but he prevented me from going. One day we talked about it and he asked me to please not go. They bother him a lot. It hurts me”said the journalist before the cameras.

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Paola did not clarify whether they were Leonardo or Paolo, the children of her marriage with the controversial soccer player who went viral after photographs of his genitals were leaked.