Paola Suárez had already been attacked: the influencer’s mother gives more details of her stormy courtship

Montse Suárez could not help but feel hurt by the difficult situation that her daughter is going through.


Montse Suárez, the mother of Paolita Suárez, one of “Las Perdidas,” expressed her feelings after the influencer suffered a brutal attack by José de Jesús, her boyfriend.

Paola Suárez, “La Patas”, had already become a trend in the early hours of Wednesday after she announced, full of enthusiasm, that Her boyfriend had asked her to marry him while he was living with several friends..

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Wendy Guevara and Paola Suárez


What is the health status of Paola Suárez, the trans influencer who was beaten by her boyfriend?



Paola Suárez had already been warned that she was in danger with her fiancé

That is why hours later, when the news spread that The content creator had been brutally beaten by her ex-partnermany people could not believe this.

As the hours passed, it was confirmed that, indeed, Paola Suárez was hospitalized with a delicate health prognosisand in addition to presenting fractures in the ribs, the influencer runs the risk of losing an eye due to the brutal beating.

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Luis, Paola Suárez’s boyfriendalready gave his version of the events, stating that both were drugged and that the influencer was also tried to hang himso I would initiate legal proceedings against her.

“This boy had already had problems with my Pao, they were over”

Both versions of the events have caused a real debate on social networks, with Internet users supporting both Luis and Paola; however, This is not the first time that the couple has had an episode of violence.or at least that was what the influencer’s mother revealed in a video published on her social networks:

“Since last time my Pao had already gotten angry with this boyI had not wanted to talk anything, this boy had already had problems with my Pao“They were finished,” the influencer’s mother said in the live broadcast.

“I hope my Pao recovers because seeing her the way I saw her and seeing her the way they saw her live is very sad”

“They got angry and had problems, something like that, they didn’t amount to much but I also got upset because He went to my house to kick my door“Detailed the woman, who also assured that her daughter did not deserve that because she was always a kind and very giving person; She even used to buy expensive gifts to her boyfriend such as clothes, cash, and toys for her half-siblings.

“I am swallowing my anger, my helplessness“I hope my Pao recovers because seeing her as I saw her and seeing her as they saw her live is very sad,” the woman concluded.