Paola Suárez will face her attacker in a live program

Paola Suárez will have a “confrontation” with her fiancé, José de Jesús Castro.


Paola Suárez continues to recover at home, monitored for the last few days by a patrol 24/7

The brutal beating he suffered the trans influencer at the hands of her fiancé, José de Jesús Castro Carmonacontinues to give something to talk about and could soon reach an outcome.

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A few moments ago on the program ‘Hoy’, where he was like guest host Wendy Guevarait was announced that Paola Suarez She will have a confrontation with her boyfriend this coming Wednesday, January 17, on the morning show of Las Estrellas, to clarify everything.

“Here, Paola is going to confront, she is going to have a confrontation with this boy“We’re going to see what happens because Paola remains firm with her complaint,” said reporter and host Sebastián Reséndiz. Then, Marta Figueroa expressed: “But they should bring him tied up.”

It is still unknown if the “confrontation” will be virtual or in person between Paolita Suárez ‘La Patas’ and José de Jesús Castrowho have been sued due to the fight they had last week and that shook the networks.

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