Paola Suárez’s fiancé appears and gives his version of the events

José de Jesús Castro Gómez, Paola Suárez’s fiancé, gave his version of the events after the member of “Las Perdidas” appeared in the hospital extremely beaten.

José de Jesús Castro Gómez, fiancé of Paola Suárez appeared last night in a video that was quickly spread on social networks and where he gave his version of the events after the member of “The losses” appeared at the hospital extremely beaten, claiming that her partner was responsible for the assault.

In the clip, The man explained that at no time did he hide and that he had nothing to fear, For what he assured, he came to show his face, he also said that he went to the authorities to countersue Paolita and assured that everything that has been said on social networks about him is false.

José de Jesús explained that he and Paola had used drugs, which led them to lose their minds, He also said that it was the influencer who attacked him first by choking him, so he pushed her to defend himself and she would have hit herself.

“We were both high on drugs and when she was choking me I threw her away. Next to her bed there is a lamp and that was where she hit her face because I didn’t hit her,” she said about what happened.

Paolita’s alleged attacker denied at all times having thrown his fiancee off the balcony as initially indicated and explained that it could not be that way because he was already outside.

“He lives in a private house and when the guard came he saw when he jumped.”

He also said that his version would be supported by the images captured by the security cameras that the model also has in her home.. He finally said he feared for his safety and that of his family, because Paolita had allegedly threatened to kill him.

It was last night when it was announced that Paola Suárez was in the hospital after being brutally beaten by her partner.; in a video broadcast by Wendy Guevara Paola is seen very hurt in a hospital bed, while her friend explains that her fiancé hit her.

In another video, Wendy explained that Jesús tried to steal money from Paola, so when she tried to stop him, she jumped from the balcony of her house and chased him. However, when she fell to the ground, the man would have hit and kicked her mercilessly.