Parental Control on Netflix, a little known but useful tool

Get to know the Parental Control tools on Netflix. (photo: Algarabía Niños)

Netflix, like many other media and applications such as YouTube or TikTok, includes parental controls. The video on demand platform offers educational content for our sons and daughters, but also many other audiovisual works that are not suitable for their age. Among the animated series, our children may also have access to other series not recommended for minors. Letting them use our Netflix account unsupervised can be dangerous, so the parental controls offered by the platform are great for parents’ peace of mind.

The Squid Game, or “The squid game” Due to its translation into Spanish, it became the most watched series in Netflix history. This title has caused some concern about its violent content, creating several debates. One of the many controversies is that parents should take into account the age rating of children. series and films and use the parental controls that are made available to them on different streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney or Amazon Prime Video, among others.

Scene from Netflix's most successful series, The Squid Game.  (photo: The World)
Scene from Netflix’s most successful series, The Squid Game. (photo: The World)

Obviously, the first control is that of a lifetime, when a series or movie is enjoyed with the whole family. Before showing each episode of a series or movie, most platforms warn about age ratings and “not suitable for certain ages” items. that can appear in such episodes, as sexual scenes, or bad and violent sounds. In these cases, it is up to the parents to continue watching.

What is Netflix Parental Control?

Explain what Netflix’s parental controls include first, as many people are unfamiliar with the feature. Today, All digital platforms have security systems to control content, especially for young family members. Parents are already subscribed to streaming services like Netflix, but it is also their responsibility to use them effectively.

Netflix therefore includes parental controls to limit children’s access according to their age or certain content. Even if a child does not know it, it can end up in bad, scary, violent or sexual movies and series. To avoid all this, it is best to enable Netflix parental controls.

Netflix parental controls allow you to restrict age-appropriate content. Netflix uses age ratings of +0, +7, +12, +16 and +18 in your movies to mark the recommended age to see an audiovisual work. With the use of this tool, we can control that our children only see the recommended content at the age that we, as parents, deem appropriate.

Find out how to activate Parental Control on Netflix.  (photo: LG Experiences)
Find out how to activate Parental Control on Netflix. (photo: LG Experiences)

How to activate Parental Control on Netflix

1. First, you will need to create a separate profile for your son, daughter or the youngest in the house. To do this, you must enter Netflix and log in with your email and password.

2. On the main page of the platform, you must click on “Manage profiles” and find the plus (+) icon to add a new one.

3. In this new profile it will ask you to enter a name and on the right it will say if you want to create this name for the children.

Netflix Parental Control.  (photo: Qore)
Netflix Parental Control. (photo: Qore)

4. By continuing with this option, A profile will be created showing directly only content suitable for children under 7 years of age. Both boys and girls will find content like the one you can see in this image.

Netflix profiles can also be configured with parental controls for other older ages, that is, for children 8, 9, 10 years or older.

1. To do this, you will need to go back to the home page and click “Manage Profiles” again.

2. When you click the pencil icon on the child’s profile, a page will appear with options to customize the account. In the section “Age setting”, you will need to click edit.

Manage Profiles on Netflix.  (photo: Computer Master)
Manage Profiles on Netflix. (photo: Computer Master)

3. It will ask you for the password of our Netflix account to verify that the owner is the one modifying the settings.

4. Subsequently, the age of the minor in the house is chosen so that titles appropriate to their age appear. Also, on this page, you allow us to restrict specific programs.

Parental Control on Netflix with a PIN

You can set a password for your Netflix profile so that children are not attracted to your profile outside of the hours agreed with the minors in the household.

1. To do this, you must first access your profile. Once inside you have to click on its icon where a drop-down menu will appear in which you will have to click on the option “Bill”.

2. Next, click on the account for which you want to define a password and choose from the drop-down menu “Lock profile”.

Block profile on Netflix.  (photo: ABC de Sevilla)
Block profile on Netflix. (photo: ABC de Sevilla)

3. Before generating a specific profile key, it will ask for our account password to verify that the owner will make the modification. You can then generate a four-digit code for a profile.

We can repeat this same action with the rest of the configurations.


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