Paris Hilton reveals the harassment she experienced at the hands of Harvey Weinstein

Officially, both productions are being worked on thanks to a new agreement from Warner Bros.

Paris Hilton lived harassing moments in the hands of one of the most important producers in the United States. This is Harvey Weinstein who has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for crimes of rape.

The man, who is already in jail, shamelessly harassed Paris Hilton, the socialite broke the silence, and exposed what Harvey wanted to do with her at the time. An awkward and otherwise cloudy moment that the tycoon made him go through.

Everything happened during the events presented in 2000 on the Cannes Film Festival. Despite seeing that Paris has a perfect life, full of glamour, and money has never been lacking in her luxurious life, she says that her life has not been easy at all.

In fact, he remembers that when he was a teenager he was humiliated by the staff and, among other unpleasant experiences, he highlighted the harassment he suffered with Harvey. On February 23, producer Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 16 more years for rape in Los Angeles.

Another of them is about the producer Harvey Weinstein, who was sentenced this Thursday, February 23, to an additional 16 years in prison for rape in Los Angeles. According to the socialite, the tycoon harassed and mistreated her in the middle of a charity gala, just one day after the television star refused to meet him in her hotel room.

According to the facts, they occurred in 2000, during the events linked to the Cannes Film Festival. Paris was 19 years old then and he has never been able to forget his first approach with Weinstein.