Pati Chapoy and her contradictory positions in the face of celebrity complaints about abuse

This week, Sasha Sökol confirmed that she was the victim of abuse by Luis de Llano when she was 14 years old and he was 39. The news continues to give people something to talk about and provoked other complaints that were presented in ‘Ventaneando’, although Pati’s reaction Chapoy changes depending on the protagonists, because it seems that he does believe some of them and even calls them brave for breaking the silence, but he immediately disqualifies others.

Presenting the news about Sasha’s case, the journalist commented: “Here It should be noted that Sasha, in a very brave way, makes this complaint because for a long time she did openly talk about that relationship, but she never commented that she was a girl in the hands of an adult, who continues to triple her age today. I see this complaint that he makes to the media, especially to alert and I have to repeat it again, to the fathers, the mothers and the young women, who obviously must be very careful with all the predators, that there are many “.

However, the next day, he completely disqualified the complaint made by Mauricio Martínez about the attempted harassment he suffered from Tono Berumen, former manager of famous 90’s groups like Mercurio. Chapoy said that Mauricio was an “impresentable, little guy” and also a liar, and that no one should believe him because his complaint is false.

That position contrasted with the opinion that Chapoy made regarding the case of Margarita the Goddess of cumbia, who revealed that her father sexually abused her.

“What a shocking story, and As Margarita says, very unfortunately it happens in many homes. We repeat again, moms, pay attention, talk, comment on what is happening. Don’t lose confidence in telling someone you love, especially your mother… What animals these men are,” said Pati.

Almost a year ago, after Frida Sofía revealed to Gustavo Adolfo Infante that her grandfather Enrique Guzman He “groped” her since preschool age, Pati Chapoy invited him to ‘Ventaneando’ and almost cried while the singer expressed his devastation at the news.

Time after, Chapoy told Mara Patricia Castañeda that she did not defend anyone, but he was simply stating what he knew. What did you know? Enrique Guzmán told him that days before the scandal, Frida Sofía warned him that “if Enrique did not intercede with her daughter (Alejandra Guzmán) so that she would continue giving Frida money, she would end up with her mother and with the whole family.” .

A few weeks ago, when Frida was arrested for rioting in a restaurant, it was noted that no one from her family went to see her. So she Patti said: “You have to remember that she lives alone and that Right now she is receiving the repercussions of her own actions.”

But when they presented the case of Nath Camposwho denounced youtuber Rix for sexual abuse, Pati Chapoy immediately said: “Men will always have an excuse for their sexual misdeeds. And I am very pleased that at this time the Prosecutor’s Office has done its job and that this little guy is already in jail so that the investigations can be carried out.”

In September 2021, Rix left prison, as he will serve his 3-year sentence in freedom, in addition to having to pay compensation for moral damages and being registered as a sex offender with a criminal record.

In another case, Eduardo Carabajal, accused by Elisa Vicedo of abuse, went to an event and feigned dementia when they told him about the complaint against him. Pati Chapoy went against him: “What is he doing there? Looking for a photo… why do they give room to that whipper? We have images of him entering and leaving the prosecutor’s office. Oh, he has no memory, poor thing.”

And the facts speak of that This man is a rapist of several Mexican women, being a foreigner, and that he is a beater“Pati added, highlighting that there are complaints against Carabajal.

In the case of Mauricio Martínez, it cost Chapoy severe criticism that the public manifested in the YouTube video of the “Ventaneando” program where they talked about him.