Pati Chapoy calls Mauricio Martínez a “tipejo” and a liar for denouncing Toño Berumen’s harassment

After confirmation of Sasha Sokol about the abuse pointed out to Luis de Llano, Mauricio Martinez decided to break the silence about the situation of harassment he suffered from Tono Berumenmanager of several celebrities of the 90s.

The musical comedy actor who has triumphed on Broadway, assured that during an audition, Toño Berumen tried to touch him, in addition to inviting him to bathe in the shower of his house where, according to Mauricio, there was a video camera. He stayed in an attempt to harass, but to that complaint are added others that point to Toño Berumen, who was behind groups like Mercury, Earth Zero And till Fey.

But when they released the news in ‘Ventaneando’, the comments disqualified Mauricio’s complaint. Daniel Bisogno said: “I feel a little out of place and out of time what is happening with Mauricio Martinez.”

Pati Chapoy asserted: “But why do they believe that guy Mauricio Martínez, if he is unpresentable? Why do they believe him? If they are pure lies! It is very easy to raise a rumor and point a finger when it is not true.”

Given these sayings, Mauricio Martínez wrote on Twitter: Shameful to see and hear this. It is precisely for this reason that most victims of sexual abuse do not dare to denounce their aggressors. Because they don’t believe them. And they defend the aggressor. Here show communicators calling me “unpresentable, idiot and liar”.

Even the actress Claudia Ramírez was literally “speechless”.

Later, Mauricio shared an email that he had sent to Pati Chapoy hours before.

“How they educated me well at home, just this morning I decided to write directly to @ChapoyPati to smooth things over. Look at the time of the e-mail. Four hours later, @VentaneandoUno decided to insult me ​​and call me a liar for having denounced Toño Berumen. What regrettable”.

On the ‘Ventaneando’ Instagram account there are already negative comments against the drivers for discrediting Mauricio Martínez’s complaint.