Pati Chapoy confessed who she wanted her successor to be in “Ventaneando”

The driver got into the youtuber’s car (Photo: Screenshot / Youtube plush in the case)

After 26 years of driving “Ventaneando”, Pati chapoy broke the silence and revealed that in the past she had a favorite artist to take her place on the show, when the time was right.

It all happened in the most recent interview that the entertainment journalist had in “Al Volante”, a segment of the Golden Scorpion on her television channel. Youtube. Thus, when asked who will be his successor, Chapoy replied:

“Look, I won’t say it again, once I made the decision of who could stay and, what’s more, I discussed it with this person, I sat down with her: ‘Are you up for it?’ Well, do you know who it was? The ‘Choco’, highlighted the communicator.

In this sense, he pointed out that, although the decision had already been made, Jimena Pérez de Vaca, Better known by this nickname, she had some personal issues that prevented her from fulfilling her promise.

“Jimenita made the decision to live in Madrid, due to a family matter, but who knows if they make the decision to return to Mexico, they are very well in Madrid,” said Pati.

pati chapoy
Chapy said who he wanted as a successor (Photo: Screenshot / Youtube plush in the case)

Regarding their permanence in Windowing, the driver pointed out that the years he has been there have not taken away his passion for entertainment journalism. In addition to explaining how it has managed to remain so long uninterrupted on the air.

Windowing It is a program based on research, on daily reporting, on the commitment that we all have to keep this program on the air and This television show turned out to be an extraordinary business for the company. I am not because of my pretty face, nor because I do my job well, but because I achieved a very important business model for the company, “he said.

Similarly, the driver issued a warning to young people who are usually presumptuous with their achievements.

Success represents nothing, popularity brings you absolutely nothing, other than feeding the ego and there they go crazy. They have to learn to manage success, the money they are earning to understand that everything that is happening to them is temporary, “he said.

It should be remembered that Chapoy’s interview with Alex Montiel, “The Golden Scorpion”, was something that had been brewing for some time.

pati chapoy
The host was interviewed by the Golden Scorpion (Photo: Screenshot / Youtube plush in the case)

It was a reunion between the two because they had already worked together for a while. After the departure of “The Golden Scorpion” the television station spent a long time without meeting in person. It wasn’t until the 2021 Eliot Awards ceremony that they collaborated again and shared a comical moment.

It was during a conversation they had in Windowing, the content creator made a very special proposal to Chapoy, as he invited her to his At the wheel section of his YouTube channel.

“The commitment, here in the frame, in her own program, is for Mrs. Pati Chapoy because she told me: ‘invite me’, it’s true, I told her and I don’t know if she is going to cheer up: Is it going to go up At the wheel, Ms?”Alex Montiel recalled.

The producer did not hesitate to accept the invitation and responded “Soon, of course yes, of course”, proving that she will become one more guest of Scorpion Dorado.

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