Paul Stanley did not win, but he did lose kilos: This is how he looks before and after The House of Celebrities

Paul Stanley lost weight in The House of Famous Mexico


After leaving The House of Famous Mexico, Paul Stanley not only recovered his mental health and peace of mind, but also the love of his family. However, the image of the presenter is already another and here we show you the before and after.

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A month ago, ‘Today’ fired Paul so that he would succeed in The House of Celebrities. The image of him looks completely different than today. It’s only been 4 weeks and it looks like another.

This Tuesday, July 11, Paul returned home.

With a sports car, red carpet and lots of love, the production of ‘Today’ welcomed Paul back home.

The photos that the program shared on its official social networks make evident the drastic transformation of Paul Stanley.

Although he spent his time in the kitchen of The House of Famous Mexico, rationing food among so many inhabitants seems to have left him almost without a bite, because in just one month, his weight loss is evident.

The public noticed his weight loss and even joked about it.