Paul Stanley narrates the last moments he spent with his father, Paco Stanley, days before he died

Paul Stanley narrates the last conversation he had with his father, Paco Stanley, a week before his life was taken from him.

paul stanley shared the last words his father said to him paco stanley before being shot to death in his truck as he was leaving the restaurant for lunch ‘The Pool of Frogs’on June 7, 1999.

During ‘The House of the Famous Mexico’, paul stanley shared that the last time he talked to his dad, paco stanleyIt was a week before the beloved Mexican television host was murdered.

“We went to eat at a restaurant that we liked very much, my mother, him and I were there. He was having a few drinks and just like that my boss started crying, but just like that, and he told me: ‘One day I’m going to have to leave, but I want you to be strong tomorrow, to take care of your mom and I’m going to leave you something and I want you to double and multiply that something’”.

“‘And never leave your mother alone, because women change you and this tear is for you,’ and she smears it here on my cheek,” he told her. paul stanley to Sofia Rivera Torres.

The son of paco stanley He indicated that that day his father showed him the truck he had bought, in which he would later be murdered, and had bought a new house in the Condesa neighborhood.

“Then I went out with the driver, he had just bought the truck where he died, he told him that there was little mother, because Lincoln had just arrived in Mexico, my father had just bought a house in La Condesa, he already had an apartment, there I would make a room, a huge, beautiful house, I don’t enjoy it very much”.

Sofia Rivera Torres, wife of Eduardo Videgaray, asked him if he considered that this last talk would have been a farewell on the part of paco stanleyfor which he revealed that he believes that his father was saying goodbye.

“I think so, I think he was saying goodbye, I don’t know if he knew what fart but my boss was very strange, well, yes, sad, that’s how life goes,” concluded the host of the “Hoy” program.

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