Paul Stanley ridicules The Boss and refreshes the memory of the production of LCDLFM

The third nominations in “The House of Celebrities” were full of surprises and a punishment that was ridiculous.

It all started when La Jefa put a heavy hand at the third nominations gala for The House of Celebrities. Because Paul Stanley and Ferka, as well as Sergio Mayer and Poncho de Nigris, agreed to nominate certain people, La Jefa determined to eliminate her votes in case they put her plans into effect… And so was.

In the case of Paul and Ferka, they nominated as agreed, so their points went to waste.

paul stanley
2 points for Nicola
1 point for Sergio
His reasons: both “by strategy.”

2 points for Nicola
1 point for Sergio
His reasons: “Because the house is getting hotter every time. Team Hell continues to give hard, you don’t know who to trust anymore, I don’t like how things are being considered.”

Meanwhile, Sergio and Poncho did nominate Jorge as they had anticipated, and therefore, their points were eliminated. However, although they had said that they would nominate Raquel Bigorra, both bet on Ferka with 1 point each, which did add to the standings.

Sergio Mayer
2 points for Jorge
1 point for Ferka
“Honestly, I don’t buy that story they came in with, very contradictory. They’ve already had 2 weeks to play with it and I’d like to see them confront each other and see how they react on an individual level.”

nigris poncho
2 points for Jorge “because I think they entered as a couple and are playing with us and the public, we are all confused”.
1 point for Ferka “for the same thing. Suddenly they cry, they are happy, I consider that they are acting, apart from that they are acting as a team”.

It was until this Thursday night, when La Jefa warned the four involved about the punishment for breaking a basic rule of the game: not to plot.

However, immediately after leaving the confessional and processing the scolding, Paul Stanley commented that how was it possible that a plot could not be made, when in the promotional ads they mentioned that in The House of Celebrities there would be a plot.

And it is true. In the first Instagram post of the Mexican season, there is still an ad where La Jefa says that “the plot will live” in her house.

After this punishment from La Jefa, it becomes clear that the plot is not allowed, but then that contradicts the first promotional announcements of the project.

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