Paul Stanley says they won’t be able to stop unauthorized bioseries about his dad

Paul Stanley said that at the moment it is difficult for them to proceed legally against the producer so that the series about his father, Paco Stanley, does not come out

Despite the fact that they do not have the rights to a bioseries about Paco Stanley, the driver Paul Stanley accepted that it is difficult to stop the Prime Video project that will feature Belinda, Diego Boneta and Luis Gerardo Méndez.

In an interview with the media, the driver said that at the moment it is difficult for them to proceed legally against the producer so that the series does not come out. «It is that we can really stop it, I do not think.

Yes, there is a process that if they use the name of my boss they will have consequences, of course they do. But until now continue working with the lawyers, and see what happens. But that we can stop the series, no.

He also mentioned that the lawyer Guillermo Pous, his brother and he have worked for a long time to be able to preserve the rights to the name and image of Paco Stanley, who was murdered on June 7, 1999 outside a taco shop in Mexico City.

«Through copyright and the IMPI (Mexican Institute of Industrial Property), which is not the same as the registration of my father’s name and the other is copyright, well that is nothing more.

It is not only that my father’s name is respected and that they cannot use it, obviously it is a job that we have been doing for a while, my brother, the lawyer Pous and I ».

On the other hand, he regretted that the unauthorized bioseries is intended to tarnish his father’s image and show him as a criminal.

«I have said it from the beginning, we already know and it was already known. The only thing they want to sell is sensationalism and is to sell my father as a criminal, which my father was not.

We all know the great career that Paco Stanley had, the happiness and the good smiles that he brought to all Mexican homes.

Finally, despite the fact that it will have a tabloid tone, he stated that they will not make people forget the successful career he forged.

«For a production company to stain all that work it will be difficult because people will always remember the great Paco Stanley for those good moments that he brought to their lives. It’s sad that it can’t be stopped. It is very unpleasant for the family and also to talk about a person who has already died, because it is very easy ».