Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow talks about her participation in Fast X

  • Meadow, who was only 15 years old when the actor lost his life, has been in charge of keeping the memory of his father latent

With more than two decades working together, the cast of Fast and Furious has become a united and unbreakable family under the shelter of Vin Diesel, who started this blockbuster project at the hands of Paul Walker, together with whom he formed not only a one of the most endearing duos in action cinema but also a great friendship.

After the tragic death of Paul in 2013, the production has been in charge of keeping his spirit alive in the following installments through references and moving memories, which will be repeated in the tenth film.

Only this time the tribute will be paid by Meadow Walker, the actor’s daughter, who has revealed the special participation she has had in the new film of the successful saga, revealing the emotion with which she has received the opportunity to honor the memory of his father.

A few days after the premiere of the new film in the saga, Meadow took to her social networks to share that she will have a cameo in Fast X, the penultimate installment of the franchise and that it will hit theaters on May 18.

Grateful to be able to join the cast, which she has always considered her family, the model expressed how significant it has been for her to return to the set where she spent part of her childhood while accompanying Paul.

Meadow dedicated a few words of thanks to the film’s director and those who made this important episode in his career possible.