Paulina Mercado reveals what she doesn’t like about Juan Soler: ‘You have to work at it’

Paulina Mercado confessed what bothers her most about Juan Soler.

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Paulina Soler left the truths unfiltered in an explosive interview, revealing to Juan Soler what he really ‘needs to improve’ in one aspect.

The television host Paulina Soler opened up about her relationship with her current partner, the Argentine Juan Solerrevealing that tardiness is an aspect that really needs improvement. The famous woman did not hold anything back when putting on the table the areas of her life that, according to her, require urgent attention.

This candid moment took place in an interview on the podcast ‘Sugar, my sugar’ by Cinthia Aparicio and Alexis Ayala. In this space, the host of ‘Sale el Sol’ responded to a question from her friends, who showed great interest in their love relationship.

When asked what he didn’t like about his current partner, Mercado admitted that there were more positive things than negative, but there was something he couldn’t stand. “He is an actor, Obviously he never learned the schedules well.. He is Argentine, but Mexican too because your 5 minutes can be 3 hours and he tells you: ‘let’s eat’. I’m structured, I ask her: ‘What time are you coming?’, and she tells me: ‘I’ll let you know half an hour before to go eat.’”

Paulina continued saying: “When it’s 5 in the afternoon, I’ve already undressed, I’m in my pajamas and with my hair up, and she writes to me: ‘love, I’m going to pick you up.’ Love, yes you have to work at it”.

For its part, Juan Soler He confessed that there was a detail about Paulina that he couldn’t stand, since many people take advantage of it. “She is extremely generous with everyone around her.. I don’t like it because there is a limit and then people start abusing Paulina because of her extreme generosity, and I say there must be a limit.

They criticize Paulina Mercado and Juan Soler for intimate video; This is how the driver responded

Juan Soler and Paulina Mercado have shown that they have a lot of appreciation for each other, and they are not afraid to show it on social networks. However, in one of his last posts on Instagram, fans thought that they crossed the line by showing their intimacy in bed.

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Thus, Mercado defended her decision saying that it is important for her to share it because it makes her happy.. She asked for respect, arguing that she has the right to share it and defends it with determination.

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