Paulina Rubio assures that Thalía has rejected her to sing together

After being questioned about Thalía, the singer of ‘Not a single word’ revealed that she has thought about having a collaboration with the also actress

Paulina Rubio, a famous Mexican singer, once again denied that there is still a rivalry with Thalía, her former partner from Timbiriche. Shortly after she began her musical tour with Alejandra Guzmán, the singer announced that she had even invited Thalía to sing together, but that supposedly “they don’t let her” and she “doesn’t want to”.

It was on the “Hoy Día” program that the Golden Girl’s statement was released. After being questioned about Thalía, the singer of ‘Not one single word’ revealed that she had thought about having a collaboration with the also actress.

According to Paulina Rubio, Thalía is not allowed to sing with her, a fact that she regrets, but that “she misses it.” “Well, they won’t let her, man. I don’t know, she has already told me ‘no’ several times because they won’t let her, but she misses it, ”said Paulina Rubio. And it is that for a long time there has been talk of an alleged rivalry between the famous since they were in Timbiriche.

Last year, Paulina Rubio revealed in an interview with Yordi Rosado that on one occasion she had a fight with Thalía: “I am not going to tell you about that specific day, because a whole movie could come out of it. Honestly Thalía and I were going to fight for that or for another reason.

So, that was the trigger, but we already had things stuck, “he said. At that moment, she recognized that Thalía “was my friend for a long time and her mother did not let her be my friend because she said that she could not have beautiful friends who did not envy her. And I never wanted to have Thalía’s boyfriend, or María la del Barrio or anything. She was my friend “.

“We brought things stuck but it was not whose was the most important… it had a lot to do with the boyfriends, with kissing everyone in the group and containing the boyfriend and kissing the other,” she said.