“Pay or be seized”: Gustavo Adolfo Infante talks about the trial with Gaby Spanic

In the trial in which the actress Gaby Spanic filed against Gustavo Adolfo Infante for moral damages, on October 6 there was a resolution by the Fourth Collegiate Court in Civil Matters of Mexico City, which ruled in favor of the journalist.

In a message posted on Twitter, Gustao Adolfo wrote that, according to his legal adviser Alonso Beceiro Villegas, “Gaby Sapnic lost all instances of her Moral Damage accusation and now pays or will be seized.”

Along with the message, Infante published a statement from Grupo Beceiro explaining: “The lady lost all instances of the trial since the Judicial Power, both in Mexico City and Federal, ensured the unrestricted right to freedom of expression and the right to public information”.

Later, the lawyer states that Spanic’s last action was an amparo claim, which was rejected.

“Before them, the forced execution procedure of what was resolved by the civil judge will be initiated, to collect the expenses and costs that the negligence of the promoter caused, for which the goods of Gaby Spanic will be seized and, where appropriate, auctioned off.

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