Pedro Infante’s impressive morning routine to stay in shape

Pedro Infante was one of the first actors who had a great physique.


Pedro Infante, the idol of the Mexican people, is remembered not only for his artistic talent, but also for his dedication to health and well-being. His morning routine reveals a commitment to physical discipline that contributed to his attractiveness and success.

Pedro Infante’s intense routine for a good physique

The singer and actor, Pedro Infante, started his day early, getting up at 5 in the morning. This early schedule allowed him to take advantage of the cooler hours of the day for his exercise routine, reflecting his commitment to discipline and health.

After waking up, Infant was heading to Chapultepec Forest to run and paddle on the lake. These outdoor activities not only provided him with effective cardiovascular exercise, but also allowed him to connect with nature.

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Pedro Infante enjoyed exercising.


After exercising outside the home, Pedro Infante He also exercised at home, as he had a personal gym in his home, nicknamed “The mouse”, where he spent up to two hours a day. His training focus included weight lifting, showing a special interest in strengthening his upper body. Despite his dedication to training, it has been revealed that Infante had insecurities regarding his legs.

The actor initially began to exercise because he had fun and also for his aesthetics, but when he diagnosed diabetes It made him less hesitant to give up exercise, since it now involved his health.

Pedro Infante, who tragically passed away on April 15, 1957, left a legacy that endures to this day. His music, his films, and his commitment to health and wellness continue to inspire generations of fans. His morning routine is a testament to his discipline and dedication, and remains an example for those seeking to balance professional success with a healthy lifestyle.

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