Pedro Prieto takes three hours to become ‘Marlene’

Pedro Prieto took on a great challenge when he agreed to give life to Gonzalo Saavedra “Gocha” on SOS I’m falling in love, because during the day this character is a successful lawyer, and at night he becomes a drag named Marlene.

Although the Spanish actor shared with TV and novels It has not been easy, he admitted that it has been very rewarding.

How have you felt in Marlene’s skin? It was crazy; It is the first time I have played a character like this in a soap opera, and it has been a great challenge because Gonzalo Saavedra “Gocha”, my character, is a lawyer by day, but at night he transforms into drag, he becomes Marlene! He is a great character, I loved him since they spoke to me for the test; From the moment Lucero Suárez called me, I immediately said: “Pull it!” I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and show that I am an actor, that I can play someone completely different from me.

Pedro Prieto

What has been the most difficult part of your transformation? I don’t know, everything! Really, my respects for women who wear heels, because I already know what it feels like to have your feet ache from wearing them, and now I also know the pleasure you feel when you take them off. In addition, the makeup part is also complicated due to the hours that must be dedicated to be divine in a show; there are women who put on makeup every day in their normal life … Anyway, everything has its joke: the wigs, the dresses, the movements … In my case, for this character, who is in the drag world, I also worked a lot on the expression corporal, because she is a character that is inside another, that is, Marlene is a person that lives inside Gonzalo.

How did you prepare to achieve it? I had to rehearse a lot with the heels, I listened to the directors a lot and I also had the opportunity to live with some drags; Deborah “La Grande”, for example, invited me several times to the Cabaretito, which is in the Zona Rosa, and I also saw many shows that are done in Mexico City, so all that helped me to get to know them and feel what they feel. , to know why they get on stage. It has been very difficult, but also very rewarding.

What did you learn from their world? That you have to have a lot of courage and courage to show yourself as they are on stage, despite what others think, because it is something wonderful, they are shows full of joy and carefree, of music and art, and they do not hurt to no one, on the contrary, I think they give us a lot of sensitivity.

How long does it take you to characterize yourself? Wow, my respects to all the women getting ready for a wedding or 15 years. I tell you that, for example, in a call in which I was from 5:30 in the morning, it took me between two and three hours for makeup, because between the eye shadows, the eyelashes, the wig … and everything, it’s crazy! In addition, it does not end there, because then the makeup removal comes, not many people say that, but it also has its joke, that time, the glitter lasted like three days (laughs)!, But I am loving my character because it has much to say and it also goes throughout the telenovela, so there is much of Gonzalo to discover yet.