Pedro Sola confessed that he was in love with Pati Chapoy

Celebrities have been in “Ventaneando” for more than 20 years as drivers.

Ventaneando has positioned itself as one of the most controversial evening newspapers for several decades, but although Pati Chapoy and Pedro Sola have maintained a lasting friendship, little is known that the driver could be in love with his partner.

It was during a recent broadcast of the TV Azteca program, where Pedrito revealed that when he first met Pati he was completely shocked.

“After 27 years I could tell a thousand anecdotes, but the one that impresses me the most is the day I met you when we made the pilot, I was breathless,” Sola began to say.

Given this, Chapoy did not remain silent and very directly pointed out to the driver the romantic feelings he would have had for her.

“You fell in love with me, Pedro, no way. That’s life, ”he added to which Pedrito replied:

I fell in love with you, I got all nervous and said: ‘Oh lady’ and you told me: ‘Tell me about you’, it took me a year to be able to talk to you about you. In the program he spoke to you about you, but in life he spoke to you about you because he couldn’t.

Although these romantic comments remained a little joke among the drivers, what would have been true was the nervousness that Pedrito felt when he met Chapoy, this due to the trajectory that the famous woman had already had since then.

In addition, it is undeniable that both have a great appreciation both in front of the screen and in their daily lives.

It was in 1996, on the nascent TV Azteca, when the journalist and producer Carmen Armendáriz envisioned the creation of a new format of commented news on show business and under the title ¿Qué te cuento? They recorded the pilot program alongside Pedro Sola, Juan José Origel and Martha Figueroa.