Pedro Sola mocks Luis Miguel’s millionaire donation to Acapulco; Pati Chapoy kept quiet about it

Pedro Sola tried to give a joking tone to Luis Miguel’s action, but he only received a tremendous scolding.

FACEBOOK/Pedrito Sola

Luis Miguel generated all kinds of reactions after he announced that he would donate a million-dollar amount to support the victims of Guerrero, and although there were all kinds of reactions on social networks, Pedrito Sola’s stood out for its mocking tone.

As we inform you at TVyNovelasthe Banorte Foundation announced that Luis Miguel will donate a total of ten million pesos, a figure that will be doubled by the organization, giving a final sum of 20 million pesos that will be allocated to those affected.

The news did not take long to surprise the public, because since “Otis” devastated the port of Acapulco, “El Sol” had not commented on the disaster and there were many people who remembered the crazy adventures that Luis Miguel lived in the portfamous for its nightlife.

However, The reaction that went most viral was that of Pedrito Sola, the charismatic host of “Windowing”, who did not hesitate to take the news in a joking way; However, what caught the most attention It was the tremendous way that Pati Chapoy had of putting a “stay still” on him.


The news of Luis Miguel’s donation It monopolized the covers of all the media, and of course the singer’s name quickly became a trend; as was natural, The hosts of “Ventaneando” did not hesitate to get on the topic.

“I want to send a huge kiss to Luis Miguel. Do you know what he did? “He donated 10 million pesos”

Pati Chapoy was the one who announced, with a quite positive reaction, Luis Miguel’s gesture towards the victims… but Pedrito Sola gave a mocking laugh that was not at all well received by the entertainment journalist.

“I want to send a huge kiss to Luis Miguel. Do you know what he did? “He donated 10 million pesos for the reconstruction of homes in Acapulco,” he commented. Pati Chapoy; however, Pedrito Sola just laughed the communicator did not hesitate to shut him up forcefully:

“And you shut up!” Pati Chapoy said to Pedro Sola, slapping him with his hand.. Immediately, the communicator stopped laughing at the tremendous scolding.

While this is happening, the opinion of Ricardo Manjarrez is also heard: “He kept my mouth shut, what a good gesture, I doubted it would be done,” the driver assured.