Pepe Aguilar closed the concert with “mentada” to his haters

The singer released that message due to the constant criticism they received in recent weeks

Pepe Aguilar closed the concert with “mentada” to his haters On horseback, Pepe Aguilar closed “Jaripeo sin fronteras”, the tour in which he stars alongside his children, Ángela and Leonardo, in which they delighted the public with all kinds of traditional songs from the regional mexican.

The Auilar family chose to leave the best of the show until the end; the riding of repair bulls, which put all attendees on the edge of their seats, being one of the traditional shows with the most production that has closed the night in the Plaza de Toros México.

On his black horse, which matched his charro suit, Pepe performed the most iconic songs of the traditional Mexican repertoire “El rey”, “Por mujeres como tú”, and “Enseñanza de los viejos”, among others, that all the people in the plaza choreo.

Pepe also dedicated some of the songs that the audience performed; In addition, he did not miss the opportunity to send a few words to all the people who have criticized them for appearing in Plaza México.

“I want us all to do something together, give me a whistle for all the haters, this one goes to all our haters, I want us to break the Guinness record for the biggest mother-fucker in history,” Pepe told all his followers, who with a whistle supported him.