Pepillo Origel forgives Shanik, but Martha Figueroa does not want to see her crushed again on the program

Martha Figueroa does not believe Shanik Berman’s apologies.

Martha Figueroa continues to wind up Juan José Origel in the lawsuit he had with Shanik Berman.

After calling her “hocicona” for airing her love life with an alleged man 46 years younger than him whom she met in Spain, Juan José Origel has already forgiven Shanik Bermanafter what The driver apologized to her friend on the verge of crying.

Shanik, you will never get crushed here again, for talking about me, big snout.“, ‘Pepillo’ said a few days ago on the program ‘With permission’.

Now, the entertainment journalist has already publicly forgiven his friend: “We forget everything in life, I already forgot about Shanik, as if nothing had happened, he apologized to meand everything, he was there with my darling Maxine (Woodside)Look Shanik I’m even going to toast you”.

However, Martha Figueroa reminded Origel: “And now she is the offended one, I said: ‘I told you so’, how is she going to be the offended one… You said it would never be crushed again (here) and now you fulfill it for me“At least this year, don’t go messing around with your things.”

What Juan José Origel He answered: “Then don’t be missing,” and Martha replied: “Even if I’m missing, as if there was no one else in the world“I told you and I told you.”

For its part, Shanik did not stay silent in response to the comments of Martha Figueroa.

“Do you think (Maxine Woodside) that what Martita Figueroa said was a joke, about bringing whoever but not Shanik? You know I was thinking that if one day they invite me, I’m going to arrive with my chair so I don’t get crushed in any of their chairs.“, he expressed in the program ‘Everything for women’.

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