Peso Puma and Nicki Nicole already have their own Dr. Simi: this is what the fun dolls look like

Nicki Nicole and Featherweight are one of the most controversial couples of 2023, and everything indicates that they will continue to cause a sensation in 2024.

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Singer Nicki Nicole reacted excitedly when she received her collection of Dr. Simi dolls, and found that one of them was based on her boyfriend Featherweight. Relive the exciting moment!

Featherweight and Nicki Nicole They are currently one of the most followed couples in the world of entertainment.. Since they confirmed their relationship at the end of 2023, these talented singers have caused a sensation, and without a doubt, This year they will continue to be a topic of conversation thanks to a romantic story that began in a surprising way: with fun dolls Dr. Simi with your images!

The exciting moment took place during Nicki Nicole’s concert at the León Fair, in Guanajuato, last Sunday, January 14. While the talented 23-year-old singer was applauded for her success on stage, one of the most emblematic moments of the night was when his fans gave him the beloved dolls.

“He sounds a little familiar to me, huh?” Nicki said into the microphone, pointing to the stuffed animal dressed as a Featherweight. Later, she shared a video on Instagram showing the dolls of her and revealed that she also received one of hers characterized as her. In total, there were 6 adorable stuffed animals.


Mr Simi from Featherweight and Nicki Nicole

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This is what the Dr. Simi dolls from Featherweight and Nicki Nicole look like

Nicki Nicole enthusiastically displayed all the stuffed animals she received during her concert in León, Guanajuato, this weekend. He thanked his loyal followers for these beautiful gifts and, through love emojis, she made it clear that she was delighted with the gifts.

Featherweight and Nicki Nicole

The outfits of the Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole stuffed animals resemble those of their appearance at the 2023 Latin Grammys.

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In the pictures, It is observed that the stuffed animals of Dr. Simi from Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole were characterized very similar to how the couple did during their visit to the 2023 Latin Grammys ceremony.. It was a romantic moment on the red carpet, weeks after confirming their love relationship.

It is important to remember that the tradition of throwing stuffed animals on stage has grown in popularity in recent years. Artists like dawn, Coldplay, Mc Demarco, Adele and Rosalia, among others, are added to the list. Now, Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole join this tradition together, further consolidating its history in the world of entertainment.