Peter Shilton’s reaction after the auction of the legendary Maradona shirt: “I wouldn’t even use it to wash the dishes”

The only time Maradona and Shilton shook hands, just before the match between Argentina and England begins (Getty Images) (Getty Images/)

The shirt you wore Diego Maradona when he scored the two legendary goals against the English team in the quarterfinals of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, it was sold for almost USD 9.3 million this week at the auction organized by the auction house Sotheby’s, an absolute record for a sporting relic . In this context, the speaker was Peter Shiltonthe man who suffered those many.

The former English goalkeeper, who always criticized the Argentine star for having scored a goal with his hand, insisted that despite the value that the garment has acquired, he would never use it: “I wouldn’t have traded (t-shirts) with Maradona or for all the tea in China for what happened that day. I wouldn’t even use it around the house, not even to wash the dishes in my bungalow.”

In dialogue with the British portal The Sun He revealed that after the match that left the English team out of the World Cup ended, he did not know that his teammate Steve Hodgey had exchanged the shirt with Maradona. He is even convinced that the former midfielder kept the secret on purpose: “If I and some of the other players had known that Hodgey had his shirt in the locker room, he would not have made it.. In the fervor of the party, we would have broken it into a thousand pieces, And I bet Hodgey is happy now that we didn’t do that.. He knew what he was doing when he didn’t tell us he had it.”

In this regard, he added: “Looking back, I bet he’s glad we didn’t find out.. We were very angry, luckily we didn’t. I’m glad an Englishman got something out of the game.”

Shilton was happy because Hodgey has managed to pocket a fortune for having auctioned off that sports relic and also celebrated that no Argentine has it today, since a group from Abu Dhabi would have been the winner of the bid: “We had the last laugh. It’s poetic justice for being ripped off in that World Cup. It’s the best deal a footballer has ever done.”

The 72-year-old former goalkeeper who won two Champions Leagues with the Nottingham Forest acknowledged that no one could have imagined after that match in which Maradona scored the Goal of the Century and The Hand of God that that garment could be worth so much years later: “I was a captain that day, it still hurts now. The only thing that interested me was winning the World Cup, It never occurred to me to change the shirt with Maradona, but looking at how much it has sold for, maybe I should have.”.

Hurt by that elimination, Shilton at least smiles for his former partner: “I’m happy for him. He has revenge for all of us. He has made a lot of money with Maradona cheating us. It is a fortune for what was one of the most difficult games of my career”.

The Hand of God (Getty Images)
The Hand of God (Getty Images) (Bob Thomas/Getty Images/)

It should be remembered that the former goalkeeper did not invite a tribute to the Argentine star to his party, considering him “dishonest”, which emboldened Diego when he gave an interview in channel nine on the decision of his former colleague: “He said he didn’t invite me to his farewell party because I was dishonest. Delighted, I’m Dishonest Maradona… It is done. A lot of time has passed. The ball has already gone to look for it inside… What are we talking about?”. Even the former English footballer had published an unfortunate phrase after hearing the news of the death of the Ten: “Diego Maradona had greatness, but no sportsmanship (Diego Maradona had greatness, but not sportsmanship)”.

In an interview on the site Guardian In January 2020, Shilton revealed that he had received an offer to appear alongside Maradona on a show, but he turned it down: “I always took that position because I was brought up to respect the game. I’ve seen other players cheat, admit it and apologize. But his attitude explains why there is animosity. They have offered us several times to get together to finish the topic. But he won’t apologize, and I will not shake his hand or acknowledge him. I always say that he is the best player in history, but I don’t respect him as an athlete and I never will.”.

Those two iconic goals from Maradona allowed the Argentine team to win 2-1 against England and advance to the semifinals, where they beat Belgium 2-0, with two other goals from the Ten. Later, the team led by Carlos Salvador Bilardo won the final 3-2 against Germany and became World Champion.


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