“Phantom” Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry, Cream Cheese and Cookies


3/4 cups whipping cream, hot
1 1/2 chocolate bars, chopped
1 cup whipping cream, semi-whipped
1/2 cups raspberry
1/2 cups Great Value classic chocolate chip cookies, crushed
1/4 cups dark chocolate, melted
190 grams of Great Value cream cheese
1/2 cups white chocolate, melted
4 oval sandwich cookies
to taste dark chocolate, melted, to decorate
8 fondant, in the shape of pumpkins, to decorate


For the mousse, in a bowl mix the hot whipping cream with the milk chocolate until combined.

Add the semi-whipped cream in an enveloping manner, then add the raspberries and mix.


In a separate bowl, combine the ground cookies with the melted dark chocolate.


Using a mixer, cream the cream cheese and add the melted white chocolate.

Place the mixture in a pastry bag with a smooth nozzle.

Decorate the cookies with the melted chocolate with the letters “RIP” to simulate tombstones.

Let dry.

Fill transparent glasses with the chocolate and raspberry mousse, smoothing the surface with a spoon.

Place the cookie mixture simulating the earth.

Decorate half of the glasses with the white chocolate cream, forming ghosts.

Simulate the eyes and mouth with melted chocolate.

Decorate the other half with cookies and fondant zucchini.