Photographer waited three years and manages to capture Rio’s Christ the Redeemer ‘carrying’ the Moon; it goes viral

Photography is an art that has evolved over time, allowing artists capture unique and historic moments. One of these moments was captured by a Brazilian photographer after years of waiting, when he managed to take a picture which has been acclaimed and has gone viral on social media.

Leonardo Sens, a Brazilian photographer, would be reaching the pinnacle of his career by capturing a spectacular image, perhaps the most important of his life. The picture shows the emblematic estatue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) with the Moon lying just above her outstretched armsas if he was holding her.

Leonardo did not achieve this incredible photograph overnight. In fact, it took him three years of failed attempts to finally capture the perfect image. His perseverance and dedication to his art led him to meticulously study the position of the Moon and to use applications to determine its trajectory. With this information, he was able to calculate the exact date and time in which the Moon would be aligned with the statue of Christ the Redeemer.

To ensure that the image quality was the best possible, Sens purchased a new set of lenses two years before the day he finally took the picture.. These lenses allowed him to capture images closest to the Moon and the Sun with higher quality and detail.

On Sunday (June 4) she managed to capture the photograph that would change her life.. To do this, he installed his equipment to almost 12 kilometers from the monument, on Icarai beach in Niterói, a nearby municipality to Rio de Janeiro. His last failed attempt had been the day before, Saturday, when the clouds prevented him from getting the desired image.

Leonardo reinstalled all his equipment according to his previous calculations and patiently waited for the right moment. At 06:28 in the morningpressed the shutter and captured the impressive photograph of Christ the Redeemer “carrying” the Moon in his arms.

Once published, the photograph of Leonardo Sens went viral on social media, racking up more than a million “likes” on Instagram and hundreds of messages of congratulations. Your amazing image was shared and admired all over the world, becoming a symbol of power of perseverance and creativity in photography.

The statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, It’s one of the most famous and visited monuments in the worldas it is considered one of the new wonders of the world It is 30 meters tall and is located on an 8 meter pedestal. It is the fourth largest statue of Jesus in the world, after of the Christ the King of Świebodzin in Poland (36 meters), the Christ of Concord of Cochabamba in Bolivia (34.2 meters) and the Christ the Redeemer of Tihuatlan in Mexico (31.5 meters).

The photograph of Christ the Redeemer “carrying” the Moon in Brazil is an example of how patience, dedication and talent can lead to creation of unique and memorable works of art. Thanks to Leonardo we can now enjoy an image that reminds us of the wonderful ability of photography to capture moments that last over time and in the collective memory.