Piojo Herrera showed interest in taking Sebastián Córdova to Tigres

Sebastián Córdova could reach the Tigres at the request of Piojo Herrera (Photo: Twitter / @ Cordovar97)

In recent days, rumors about a possible exchange between the Águilas del América and the Chivas of the Club Deportivo Guadalajara began to gain strength. The transaction involves Sebastián Córdova and Uriel Antuna, two promising players who have not been able to maintain their maximum level on the pitch. The one who spoke about it was Miguel Herrera, a coach who worked with the 10 Americanista during his time in Coapa and expressed his desire to take him to the Tigres of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL).

During an interview for the medium ESPN, the Louse He considered that he would like to participate in the transaction, since in his era at the helm of the Eagles, he always demonstrated the pleasure that the young player’s performance caused him. “For me it is very important. If they tell me to change, I raise my hand, because I like Córdova. I always asked for it and I tried to make sure it was at its best ”, he considered.

“It is the same for what the player feels. Now it happens to be a better change for the coach, because Cordova was a starter on my team for me. Now he is looking for a trigger in Córdova because of the need and because of his quality. It is in the analysis that he is not the decisive player that America wants, because that is how the coach wants him ”, declared the replacement for Ricardo Ferretti in San Nicolás de los Garza.

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