Piqué’s error that put Clara Chía Martí in check in the midst of her scandalous separation from Shakira

The scandalous separation of Shakira and Piqué followed by the footballer’s romance with Clara Chia Marti continues to deliver chapters and seems like a never ending story. In this case, the defender made a mistake that caused the 23-year-old girl headaches and which in turn confirms that she returned to social networks, something that she had to unsubscribe to preserve her identity when her relationship became known. with the Barcelona player.

At the time, Clara and Gerard’s environment canceled the social networks of the Public Relations students to prevent their photos from being published at the time the love affair with Piqué was made public. However, several downloaded photos from the networks that the young woman had and put together false profiles, especially in Instagram. Because of this, she was forced to re-create an account called ClaraChia5.

The profile is private and only has four publications, 177 followers and the same number of users that Clara follows. One of them is Piqué whose image was captured by the paparazzi Jordi Martinwhich from the first minute covers the gap between Shakira and Pique and it is one of the most soaked of the subject. In addition, she managed to take the photos at the wedding attended by the new couple at the end of last month.

Piqué follows Clara Chía MartíPiqué follows Clara Chía Martí
The proof that Piqué follows Clara Chía Martí (@jmartin_ibz)

With the confirmation of veracity of the account of Instagram From Clara, you must now have thousands of follower requests and it should be a hassle to be able to distinguish between the people you want to admit and the ones you don’t. It should be remembered that since her relationship with Piqué was confirmed, she has earned several detractors who are followers of Shakira.

In this context, in the last hours a video of a warm-up of the Barcelona players in the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium from Sevilla, in the run-up to the 3-0 win for the culé team this Saturday on the last day of La Liga. In the images, it is noted that Shakira’s theme “I congratulate you” sounds through the loudspeakers, which the Colombian singer would have written in the last days of her relationship with the soccer player. According to her, the event was a mistake by the musicalizer that could have been taken as a provocation towards Pique.

Part of the lyrics of the song in question says: “To complete you I broke into pieces, they warned me but I didn’t listen. I realized that yours is false. It was the drop that broke the glass. Don’t tell me you’re sorry. That seems sincere, but I know you well and I know you lie. I congratulate you, how well you act. Of that I have no doubt”.

Clara was the girlfriend of the brother of a friend of Piqué, who worked at Kosmos, the footballer’s event organization company. In the crush on the young woman, the defender kicked the man in question out of the firm and she began to work in the company and in fact, when the rumors of the relationship began, the information of some trips together to Dubai and Stockholm was leaked. It was even said that she had already met the children of Gerard and Shakira, Milan and Sasha.

Everything indicates that the romance between Piqué and Clara began before the separation of the footballer with Shakira, who would go to trial for the possession of their children, who, according to Martin himself, would stay to complete the school year in Spain and would not move. short-term with his mother to Miami. The Colombian and the Spaniard would have agreed on a package of plane tickets in the first class so that the defender could visit them in the United States and an amount in dollars to raise a personal debt, although Gerard would later have backed down and the issue would be settled in a court.

Enlarged photo of Clara Chía Martí on the beach
Clara Chía Martí’s profile picture on her Instagram account (@ClaraChia5)

It should be remembered that the separation was announced three months ago, but the beginning of the end dates back after the return from a trip to Disneyworld, in which Piqué asks for ‘time because he was overwhelmed with companies’”affirmed Martin in his participation in the TV show the Summer Program (Telecinco). “Shakira tells her ‘don’t worry because I have to go to the United States for 17 days to record’”, but then the artist realized that things were not going well.

However, Shakira proposed couples therapy, something that Piqué rejected. When the Colombian warned that the separation was unavoidable, she hired private detectives who would have prepared a report that would put the soccer player in check. In this context of judicial conflict, the division of assets is added in which there are two properties at stake for a total value of 11 million dollars and a $20 million private plane.


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