Piqué’s mother reacts to Shakira’s song

Apparently, the close relationship he had with the singer for so long did not leave Montserrat Bernabeu indifferent

The former player’s mother surprised with a couple of likes on her Twitter account. According to several screenshots shared on the networks, Shakira’s ex-mother-in-law liked two publications related to the singer’s shooting.

One of them was Bizarrap’s tweet announcing the launch of her session with Shaki, as the singer is also known.

The other like was one where a user crucified the father of the two Colombian children, Sasha and Milan, saying that “the image was destroyed by himself, if it’s a gi——– no one is to blame, only him… I buy the thing about falling in love, but not how he acted.

His reaction did not go unnoticed and immediately went viral on the networks, however, everything seems to indicate that the Catalan’s mother regretted it shortly and decided to remove his likes.

“You left me as a neighbor to the mother-in-law”

Although now it seems that the relationship between them is no longer so close, the truth is that they are still neighbors, as Shakira confirms in her song.

Shakira had good chemistry with her in-laws and forged a very close bond, especially with Montserrat Bernabeu, with whom she was seen on several occasions attending Piqué’s matches.

According to a magazine, her ex-mother-in-law even declared in an interview that Shakira was “a fascinating person” and that she considered her “a super simple woman with great values.”

The trust between the two was such that Shaki came to follow her beauty advice, although she later revealed that she regretted having listened to her mother-in-law for cutting her hair in 2012.

“That was advice from my mother-in-law, who told me: ‘Oh, why don’t you cut your hair? That you have it very mistreated’. The worst mistake of my life. I will not follow your aesthetic advice again, mother-in-law, ”she declared with a laugh.

Although Gerard Piqué’s mother has not spoken openly about the controversy surrounding her son, her actions seem to indicate that she is on the singer’s side, despite the fact that she clearly already lives with her son’s new partner.