Pixies song confuses Google and orders stop alarms

It is a confusion of the Google Assistant with the song “Where is my mind?” of Pixies.

The band Pixies apologized after a curious error that occurs if you use one of their best-known songs as an alarm became known.

This is the song “Where Is My Mind”, the best known of the group, which caused problems for some users who used it as a song for their alarm clock.

A few months ago Google implemented a feature that makes Assistant alarms go off simply by saying “Stop” or “Snooze.”

This option was only available in for alarms and timers on Google Assistant speakers and smart displays like the Nest Hub. However, it has now made its way to Google phones starting with the Pixel 6.

This brought strange consequences for users who thought that an error occurred, when in fact it was all the fault of the song they had chosen: “Where Is My Mind?” of Pixies.

After noticing that her alarms didn’t seem to go off on certain days, one Reddit user woke up early to get to the bottom of the problem.

Turns out that as part of her alarm, the Pixies song was playing because it was on a Spotify playlist that she set to go off as her alarm clock.