Pizzeria sued customer for asking for his tip back

Apparently he was wrong and left 3 thousand pesos too much, when asking for it back a pizzeria sued a client

A pizzeria sued a customer for asking for his tip, this happened in Pennsylvania, in the United States.

The business in question is Alfredo’s Pizza & Restaurant which is located in the city of Scranton and is famous for being mentioned in the television series The Office.

It was the manager who said that last June, a client who was identified as Eric Smith, ordered a plate of stromboli, but when paying with a credit card, he left his payment of 13 dollars and an additional 3 thousand as a tip to the waitress Mariana Lambert .

It all started when the customer left a large tip, so since it was a time of recovery for restaurants after the pandemic, Alfredo’s staff believed that the man had joined the trend seen on social networks where they left large tips .

Of course, since it was a generous sum, the employees verified his card and took a photo of his identification and the ticket to make sure it was something real.

At that time, the man confirmed that the tip was part of the viral movement called “Tips for Jesus”, so the workers were shocked.