Platanito admits that he attended ‘narcofiestas’ and gives his reasons

Sergio Verduzco, better known as Platanito, as they pointed him out of having contact with a drug lord and having attended a “narco-party.”

And although he could have responded differently, the comedian was upfront and honest about who he attended to work, and a reporter told him the truth:

“They say that I attended a ‘La barbie’ party, but hey, yes, I actually think that was the case, but a very wise friend told me: ‘when you go to the stationery store you arrive and they ask you: what does he do or if No, I can’t give you your copies? ‘Well, that’s how actors are, we go where they hire us. “

Platanito mentioned that he does not know the journalist Anabel Hernández, author of the book Emma and the other ladies of the narco who is giving what to talk about and where he was mentioned for attending an organized crime meeting.

This is another controversy that he faces, as Platanito recently spoke about the scandal surrounding his joke about the ABC nursery, where 49 children died.

The comedian recalled that controversy in an interview with Yordi Pink, where he confirmed that that controversy cost him threats and almost retirement, although he found refuge and success in the United States.

She recounted that while her show was hitting Telehit, “One morning, suddenly … mothers. They talk to me at six in the morning: ‘Hey, they’re talking about you on social media. You just told a good bastard joke, what’s going on? ‘”

“At that time I didn’t even know how to say it, whether ‘traing toping’ or ‘trendin topin’, nor did I know the word. But at that time it was the most talked-about news in the world, not only in Mexico,” he recalled. “That Monday I talk to Memo del Bosque (producer) and I tell him that I don’t want to release the program and that we had to wait. My program does not appear that night, however, the highest point (of rating) in the history of Telehit, were the first minutes to see what the hell the clown was going to say ”.