‘Platanito’ and the joke about Debanhi Escobar that left him in trouble

“Platanito” assured that there was never a lawsuit and that this matter is already closed.


Sergio Verduzco, comedian behind this character, puts an end to the controversy unleashed a few months ago while fighting for his health after being diagnosed with prediabetes

banana” surprised with a radical change in his image, and it is that in recent days he has been seen thinner; however, beyond aesthetic reasons, the comedian Sergio Verduzco, who is behind the character, He commented in an exclusive interview for TVyNovelas that he did it for health reasons after being diagnosed with prediabetes.

“They are already 17 kilos down, and it was all for health reasons. After being on the brink of death from COVID, I have not stopped checking myself and I came out prediabetic ”, “Platanito” detailed in the interview, which you can read here.

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Another topic he talked about was the controversy unleashed by a joke he made about the young Debanhi Escobar and what do I know viralized quickly, generating the annoyance of Internet users and the father of the femicide victim, who even threatened to sue him.

“I just told a joke, they apologized to me; I offered it because it all got too big, but then they wanted another and then another, and I said, ‘No, I already made one!’ They wanted me to take a course, I studied and now what I learned, now for what”, declared Sergio Verduzco.


It was in November 2022 that a video of one of the “Platanito” shows went viral on TikTok, and it is that among all the jokes in his routine, it occurred to him to tell a joke about the way Debanhi Escobar died.

“One, two, three for Debanhi who is in the cistern”, the comedian is heard saying, which caused laughter among several people and indignation in others. The controversy did not stop there, as he continued with the jokes: “Where was Debanhi from? From Monterrey, how did she die? Drowned, in Monterrey, where there is no water.”

The jokes about the young woman, who was the victim of a femicide in Monterrey, Nuevo León, did not go unnoticed, and various organizations such as the National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence Against Women (Conavim), the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims ( Ceav) and the Conapred They demanded a public apology from “Platanito”, who has been involved in trouble for his acid humor.

Mario Escobar, Debanhi’s father, reacted to the videos and even threatened to sue “Platanito”, who had to take courses with a gender perspective after the scandal; while the much-announced lawsuit never happened, as “Platanito” clarified in his most recent interview.