Platanito talks about his black humor but does not apologize for Debanhi Escobar’s joke

After the controversy unleashed for making a joke about Debanhi Escobar, a young woman whose femicide is still under investigation, Platanito was severely criticized and finally decided to show his face with a video.

In his social networks he was serious when he spoke, and explained that it is his work as a comedian, trying to cause laughter with black humor, without his intention being to hurt anyone.

“A little while ago in one of my presentations I touched on a topic or made a black humor joke about an inappropriate topic, about a hurtful and insensitive topic for Mexican society and, especially, all women. I’m worried, just like you , of the situation that the country is experiencing. I am a sensitive, mortified man and even the mother of what is happening in the country.”

He detailed: “I am a consumer of black humor and I decided to add black humor to my work and I know that sometimes I can hurt some people, it is not my intention, I swear, my intention is to make them laugh, smile and make them forget what we lived through in the world and our country”.

Banana said: “I accept that I touched on a subject that I should never have touched and I feel that I did it at the wrong time”. This was her joke:

However, at no time did he offer an apology or mention Debanhi’s parents, who warned that they would proceed legally against the comedian for revictimizing their daughter, who was missing for 13 days and whose body was found inside a cistern in Nuevo León.

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