Platinum Taylor Swift, the new look of the season?

Singer Taylor Swift in her latest production for Vogue, platinum Vogue 162

Taylor Swift sets trends. The pop singer reappeared on the cover of Vogue magazine with flawless platinum hair, keeping her bob cut with bangs. The publication – considered the bible of fashion – defined her as “brilliant” and her look will not go unnoticed in the rest of the world.

Of course, with somewhat more disheveled hair, style savage, the pop singer thus reappeared on the cover along with a glamorous production of photos: full of glitters, gold and silver, sequins and transparencies that confirm her transformation towards a more style femme fatale.

“What she has is a full silver that throws gray. She looks fantastic for her skin tone since it is a color that does not look good to everyone”, said to Infobae stylist Bebe Sanders.

And I add. “This season they will be very strong but what we do here is combine them with more sandy or golden blondes. The idea is to get a little out of the worn tips that are very popular.”

The cut will also set a style this fall-winter: “The carré will be full in different lengths. Taylor has it at chin level. But you will see a lot touching the shoulders, intermediate, straight but loose hair, not all of them, “said Bebe, who also highlighted the very short hairs – like the actress Agustina Cherri – without losing a drop of femininity.

Another celebrity who has been encouraged to platinum in recent days is the 26-year-old actress Kristen Stewart who reappeared in Paris with shorter and practically white hair.

Actress Kristen Stewart also appeared in Paris with platinum hair Vogue 162
Actress Kristen Stewart also appeared in Paris with platinum hair Vogue 162

Also, famous Scarlett Johanson, Gwen Stefani, Michelle Williams, Rita Ora, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Carey Mulligan, Pink, Julianne Hough and even Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto went through it.

How to care for platinum hair

Fine hair, refrain: It is a tone that punishes the hair a lot. To get platinum you have to bleach it twice and very fine hair does not usually resist it.

Nourish it excessively: This type of hair tends to weaken, to break its hair fiber, also to lose color. To avoid this, it is necessary to nourish it in depth with masks and oils.

Better in a shorter version: As this tone is easily damaged and must be cut very often, short hair is more easily renewed than long hair.

Goodbye to the ‘cotton effect’: Hair is so dry that it loses shine and takes on a matte appearance, like cotton. To avoid them, there are good serums that provide texture and shine, two of the weak points.

Specific shampoo: Better if it contains bluish pigments, special to maintain the white color and that it does not oxidize or yellow over time.