PlayStation asked to censor strong scenes from Martha is Dead; criticism rains down on him

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Shortly before the official launch of Martha is Dead, Wired Products and LKA reported that the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions will have deleted scenessame that they had not contemplated until now at the request of Sony, so they are working against the clock.

In a statement they detailed that the limitation will only apply to PlayStation consoles, since Xbox did not request to remove scenes and will be released on February 24 without any delay.

For PlayStation, only the digital version will be released on the scheduled date, while for the physical version, in order to delete the requested scenes and for the game to be properly recorded on its cartridge, there will be a delay.

“After four years of passion and hard work, developer LKA needs extra time to make these unplanned changes”they said in a statement.

As a result, Martha is Dead will be released digitally on PlayStation consoles on February 24, 2022, but its physical versions have been delayed to a date yet to be revealed”.

Likewise, the developer regretted having to modify the experience for PS4 and PS5, since they will not have several playable elements. Although the physical release of the game will take time, they assure that buyers who are patient will receive additional content.

“Our release in physical format will continue to have the additional content of the double poster, digital tarot cards and the Martha is Dead EP”. he said she. “We will update players with the date the physical editions are released as soon as we have more information,” the company added.

Given the announcement that took everyone by surprise, due to the closeness of the premiere, the users on social networks began to criticize PlayStation, supporting the developer who had previously said that the game would have some strong cutscenes.

LKA Games
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Since its official announcement in 2019 they had indicated that Martha is Dead had “gameplay full of awkward cutscenes and themes that could stress players out.”” and that it would be adults only because of it.

“PlayStation censoring a video game in 2022, thereby restricting the creativity freedom of developers 12 days to launch. What a f**k,” said one Twitter user.

“Maybe I’m exaggerating, but this reads like PlayStation is censoring certain scenes in the game… I’ve already seen Martha is Dead and enjoyed the intense moments. I find this very worrying,” noted another netizen.

In the same way, they criticized that PlayStation has requested to remove scenes from Martha is Dead but have left explicit sex scenes in another video game, assuring that this action will severely affect Wired Products and LKA.

“The horror game ‘Martha is Dead’ will be censored, but only on PlayStation. You’re hurting a small developer studio, Sony. But when Neil Druckmann wants to strip her darling Abby on screen to get fucked doggy style, you should change all the posters of her. They are hypocrites, Sony”, said another user furious by the last minute changes requested by the company.

LKA Games
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What is Martha is Dead about?

Martha is Deadis the new horror title developed by behind The Town of Light.

Generally speaking of horror titles one thinks of dark hallways, disturbing creatures appearing out of nowhere, and streamers screaming for their lives going viral. However, the LKA approach is quite different and in Martha is Dead takes another dimension again.

Players take on the role of Giulia, the daughter of a German soldier who returns to her childhood home in Italy in the midst of World War II. That house always held a strange aura for Giulia, that she doesn’t remember much of her time there for reasons she can’t explain.

The plot is triggered when the protagonist finds her twin sister, Martha, dead on the banks of the river and ends up adopting his identity through a series of confusions.


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