PlayStation plans to create a DualShock controller for smartphones

PlayStation’s Dualshock controller is on the way for smartphones. (photo:

Mobile games are becoming more and more popular with millions of players around the world. Big companies like Xbox and PlayStation They don’t want to give up their piece of the pie, so they already have solid plans to attract more people to their smartphone and tablet franchises. And is that Sony has registered a new patent that allows you to play video games on one device along with two control handles.

One of the most logical options could be the use of PlayStation Now, but there is also speculation with collaborations to bring their most important licenses to ios and Android. The difficulty in moving games from console to mobile is control, but there are several solutions for adding controllers to smartphones and Sony has already patented the design.

How the new PlayStation Dualshock controller for mobile would work

A file from the Japanese company SIE described a device with two handles to fit on the screen of a cell phone, similar to solutions from other manufacturers, but logically its appearance reminds of a PlayStation controller, closer to the DualShock PS4 than to the DualSense of the PS5.

Design of the DualShock for PlayStation mobiles.  (photo: Jugones Area)
Design of the DualShock for PlayStation mobiles. (photo: Jugones Area)

It includes the characteristic buttons of your consoles and also the triggers, so in principle there would not be much difference when playing with a console. The patent also talks about motion detection.

The controller could be used on cell phones to play PlayStation titles via Remote Play or in the cloud, similar to the service offered Microsoft with its Xbox Cloud Gaming service, available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Sony strategies to enter the mobile device sector

Also, last month Nicola Sebastiani, former head of content at Apple Arcade, became the new head of the mobile division of PlayStation, therefore, according to different reports, the company is looking for a way to enter the mobile marketAlthough Sony has yet to make an announcement on the matter. Secondly, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, has confirmed these plans to bring iconic licenses to mobile devices in the current fiscal year.

“We’ve been thinking about how gamers enjoy our content and we’ve had some early successes experimenting with mobile games and apps to give players more choice. Mobile phones are one of the areas we are exploring to reach millions of players beyond our platforms”, Ryan mentioned.

Jim ryan
Jim Ryan, head of PlayStation. (photo: Jugones Area)

“PlayStation has a huge catalog of varied licenses that can go mobile and complement our blockbusters or live as service games. We are researching the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation sagas, stay tuned. ” He recently announced the video game WipEout Rush, which will be released in early 2022.

PlayStation Home resurrects 6 years later thanks to fans

With the fashion for avatars and social games promoted by Wii some years ago, PlayStation decided to launch a video game in its time that proposed a social environment where users could interact with each other in a series of rooms impersonating avatars that the same people they could create, It is “PlayStation Home”, which ran for several years supported on PS3, but was closed on March 31, 2015.

Although it went unnoticed by many users, this title was not exactly a commercial failure, as it had until its closing day a considerable user base that today remembers it as a different proposal and therefore endearing., in the middle of that blow of nostalgia appears ‘Destination Home’, an independent group that seeks to revive this game and be able to recover it so that users can enjoy it again on its original platform. If you want to read the full note, enter this link.


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