“Pokémon Sleep”, the new game in which you only have to sleep

The more sleep you get, the higher your score will be in the morning

After having its users hunt Pokémon through the streets in its latest hit for mobile phones, the Japanese franchise announced a new game for this year focused on a more relaxing activity: sleep. The Pokémon Company reported that it will publish Pokémon Sleep in almost all of its markets in the summer of 2023, four years after first announcing its plans for this video game.

“Turn your sleep into entertainment,” the company claimed in its statement Monday night. Trailers for the new game suggest that it uses smartphone sleep tracking apps.

«Your adventure takes place on a small island where you will develop an investigation into how Pokémon sleep. You will work with a huge Snorlax who lives on the island and Neroli, a professor who studies the types of sleep of Pokémon, “explained the company. “The more you sleep, the higher your score will be in the morning and the more Pokémon you will see appearing around Snorlax,” added the firm, which encourages players “to rest as best they can.”

Fans will also be able to purchase a “Pokémon GO Plus +”, a device in the form of Pokémon that users can place under their pillow so that the voice of the popular Pikachu offers them “reminders of when it is time to wake up or go to sleep”. The “Pokémon Go” game, which allowed players to hunt these creatures with their phones, was a worldwide phenomenon.

Through satellite locations, graphic effects, and the phone’s cameras, the game superimposed the animated creatures onto the real world and encouraged its users to hunt and train these pets.