Poland has warned that it will not send fighter jets to Ukraine without prior agreement with its allies.

File photo: The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, and the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, at a press conference in Lviv, Ukraine, on January 11, 2023 (REUTERS / Pavlo Palamarchuk) (PAVLO PALAMARCHUK /)

The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, has ruled out the possibility of send fighters to the Ukrainian government without reaching a prior agreement with his allies, as the Polish leader reported this Sunday during an interview with the British channel BBC.

The Polish president has reiterated that the sending of fighters to stop the Russian invasion it must be a joint decision between Poland and the rest of the NATO membersall this in the framework of the requests of the president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, to obtain combat planes to face the Russian attacks.

As the aforementioned medium has collected, Duda has affirmed that the sending of F-16 aircraft It is a “very serious decision” that “is not easy to make” and makes it clear that he does not believe that it is possible to send combat aircraft in large numbers from Poland at least in the short term.

However, President Duda has maintained his position of constantly arming Ukraine as a prerequisite for winning the war.

File photo of an F-16 fighter jet (EuropaPress)
File photo of an F-16 fighter plane (EuropaPress) (TURKEY MINISTRY OF DEFENSE /)

In this same sense, the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, insisted this Friday from Brussels that Poland will act only within the framework of NATO: “We will not be the first to deliver fighters, but we will certainly respond positively to this as well”, according to the local media The Warsaw Voice.

However, the head of government emphasized that this decision would be made under the condition that those countries that had a greater number of fighters, and more modern ones, handed them over to Ukraine, stressing that Poland still has “an insufficient number of combat aircraft.”

As a neighboring country of Ukraine, Poland has been one of the closest allies of President Zelensky, as well as one of the main suppliers of arms, such as his support for the shipment of battle tanks, in addition to having provided accommodation for millions of displaced Ukrainian refugees. for the war.

accession to the EU

On the other hand, the president Zelensky declared this Saturday before a group of international investors his willingness to for Ukraine to become full member of the European Union within two years.

File photo: Zelensky addresses the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, on February 9, 2023 (REUTERS)
File photo: Zelensky addresses the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, on February 9, 2023 (REUTERS) (POOL /)

In the conversation, collected by the Ukrainian newspaper hvylyathe Ukrainian president lamented the prevailing pessimism “among world leaders who believe that Ukraine needs 10 years to become a member of the EU.”

“But for the most part they know us and sometimes even fear our spirit, our energy. Therefore, we see that we can be in the EU in two years, through security guarantees”, according to Zelensky, who also declared himself convinced that Ukraine will join NATO when it has achieved “victory over Russia.”

These comments have taken place during a remote meeting with representatives of the world’s largest investment bank, JP Morgan, during an investor summit in which they discussed the creation of a platform to attract private capital with the purpose of rebuilding the country. when the war with Russia ends.

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