Poland said it dismantled a Russian spy ring

The Polish Defense Minister, Mariusz Blaszczak (REUTERS / Johanna Geron) (JOHANNA GERON /)

Poland claimed this Thursday to have completely dismantled a Russian spy networkwho worked to support the invasion of Ukraine. “The entire network was dismantled,” declared the Polish Defense Minister, Mariusz Blaszczakto public radio PR1.

“It was a spy group, a group of people who collected information for those who have attacked Ukraine,” he added. The minister insisted that “the threat was real”, and did not give further details at the moment.

On Wednesday, the Polish private radio RMF Citing anonymous sources, FM indicated that the internal security agency ABW had detained six foreigners who worked for the Russian secret services, and that they would have been preparing acts of sabotage in Poland.

The suspects were arrested after hidden cameras were discovered in important railway infrastructure, which recorded and transmitted data on train traffic.

According to RMF“dozens of devices” of this type were installed, some near the airport of jasionkaone of the main infrastructure used for the shipment of Western weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.

On the other hand, the US Army European Command published this Thursday declassified images of the incident between a Russian fighter “Su-27” and a drone American over waters of the Black Sea and that ended up causing the unmanned ship to crash.

As reported by the United States command in a statement, the images show the moment in which “a Russian plane carried out an unsafe and unprofessional interception of a drone.”MQ-9′ of the US Air Force in international airspace over the Black Sea on March 14.

The US command also detailed how this incident occurred in the Black Sea, in which there was another russian fighterwhich has increased tension between Washington and Moscow and which has the war in Ukraine as its background.

According to the information published along with the video, the event begins when a Russian plane approaches the rear of the American “MQ-9”. Shortly after the Kremlin airship begins to release fuel in its path and, while doing so, fly above the drone. The US military said the move was an apparent attempt to blind optical instruments of the drone and eject it from the area.

In just a few minutes, the Russian “Su-27” begins a second approach towards the “MQ-9”, releases fuel again and passes even closer to the unmanned device.

Shortly after, the russian plane collides with the drone and the image from the “MQ-9” camera is lost for approximately 60 seconds, says the US command. When the camera recovers the transmission you can see that the propeller and one of the drone’s struts are damaged.

The published fragment does not show the events before or after the apparent confrontation over fuel spillage.

After the incident, the United States Government assured that it was forced to crash the drone into the waters of the Black Sea and blamed Moscow of the incident that he said was deliberate.

Instead, the Russian Ministry of Defense denied any contact between its fighters and the drone, which according to the Kremlin’s version, went into a sudden uncontrolled flight and collided with the sea after suddenly losing altitude.

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