Poncho de Nigris and Marcela Mistral bury rumors of infidelity with a family trip

Poncho de Nigris and Marcela Mistral go on a family trip after rumors of infidelity


Poncho de Nigris and Marcela Mistral leave behind the rumors that questioned their marriage

Poncho de Nigris and Marcela Mistral they buried all the rumors of infidelity with a family trip. The couple escaped to the Riviera Maya to enjoy a few days with their three children, although both also had time alone, as they shared on their respective Instagram accounts.

With phrases like “family comes first”, “my beautiful family” and “always together, always strong, always in love”Marcela shared some photos and videos of her well-deserved vacation, leaving behind the speculation that questioned her marriage with the former participant of La Casa de los Famosos México.

“I love you, always strong”Poncho responded to a publication by his wife, who at the time expressed that the indication of the alleged infidelity came from someone who wanted to hang on to his fame.

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Was Poncho de Nigris unfaithful to Marcela Mistral?

A couple of weeks ago, Serrathwho was recently part of the second season of Telemundo’s Top Chef VIP, published a tweet insinuating that Poncho de Nigris had been unfaithful to his wifeMarcela Mistral.

However, shortly after making this publication, the young woman deleted the message, leaving thousands of fans of La Casa de los Famosos México in doubt, because the man from Monterrey spoke of Serrath in the reality show.

It all happened last weekend, when Poncho de Nigris was talking with Wendy, Nicola and Sergio about the regional Mexican singer, Fer Corona, who had a relationship with Serrath for a long time; however, the way he expressed himself about her gave the impression that he did not know her well, since he could not remember her name and only pointed out that he had a very peculiar nose.

These statements caused Serrath annoyance, since the young actress had shown her support for Poncho openly; However, her feelings changed radically when he published a tweet in which he suggested that, despite the fact that de Nigris says he does not remember her, he sent him audios that, supposedly, could leave him in a very bad position in front of his wife. .

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Serrath hints that Poncho de Nigris was unfaithful to Marcela Mistral

Twitter @SerrathOficial

“What a disappointment what you just said about me because of your impulses, Poncho de Nigris. Me supporting you out here and it turns out that you don’t even remember my name. How bad you look talking about women! Say that I am a good person and I do not upload the audios that you sent me out of respect for Marcela. Blessings, because you are going to need them!” she wrote.

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