Poncho de Nigris appears with his face beaten, he “blames” his mother and Adal Ramones

  • The YouTuber and the host Adal Ramones maintain a feud that they have made public

Poncho de Nigris surprised his followers on social networks after sharing a photo of his face apparently beaten and with traces of blood, the former member of “The House of the Famous Mexico” posted the snapshot on his networks and a video in which he gave names and surnames of those “responsible”.
Poncho has his “enemies”, for example, Adal Ramones, with whom he had his differences several years ago over some comments that Ramones made about De Nigris’ arrival at Televisa.

When Poncho was in “The House of the Famous”, he remembered that he didn’t like Adal because of those bad comments he had made about him: “You were shit with me Adal and there’s the video, watch it, how he expressed himself about me without knowing me and When I went to his program ‘Otro roll’ that I left ‘Big Brother’ he made all the Big Brothers look like idiots and he didn’t let us talk,” said Poncho.

At the end of 2023, they were caught outside the airport in Monterrey apparently arguing. Later, both spoke on their networks about what happened, and Poncho acknowledged that a lot of time had passed and they were no longer of age to give shows.

Poncho de Nigris’ blows give something to talk about

Poncho de Nigris’ beaten face went viral this morning on the networks; “Just so you can see, this is not going to stay like this,” he said in a video while showing the alleged blows to his face.
Then, with humor, he listed those responsible: his mother, Adal Ramones and Alfredo Adame, with humor he assured that he met these characters and they beat him; It recently became public that he is estranged from his mother, whom he described as a “toxic” person.

“I met Adal Ramones, my mother, Adrián Marcelo and Alfredo Adame and they all came to me together,” he joked in his publication, which was commented on by Adal Ramones.

“I want to think it’s makeup for some series or something like that,” he wrote, then he added: “I gave you a slight… the net very slight.”

Friends and colleagues joked about it and some, like Apio Quijano, confessed that at first he was scared when he saw the photo; It was all about the recording of a commercial, however, Poncho took the opportunity to give something to talk about online.