Poncho de Nigris is criticized for statements

The driver made strong statements on his Twitter social account.

The driver Poncho de Nigris, although he is very loved by his followers, is also a magnet for controversy Now he has returned to talk about on social networks after several Internet users criticized him for a controversial message.

On May 3, the presenter from Monterrey shared a video on his Twitter account where a woman is seen next to a car and a stroller, then the baby’s transport begins to roll towards a road and she runs, but immediately suffers a fall that makes it impossible to get up.

Fortunately, a passerby notices the situation and immediately speeds up to save the little boy. After this, another person arrives to help the woman get up.

De Nigris added a controversial message to this clip: “My, how dangerous not to be in shape with baby children.

If they are not in shape, do not have babies, in a pike you cannot reach them. quality of life for the planet.

This immediately generated criticism from other users: “You have already listened to the master Muñoz of beauty, it is forbidden to cog… and have children if they are not thin”, “Do not spit up, by being in shape you are not exempt from some accident”.