Poncho de Nigris made a striking statement about his father that generated outrage on the networks

Poncho de Nigris shared a post to “say goodbye to his dad.”

(Instagram @ponchodenigris)

The mockery of Poncho de Nigris does not stop on social networks.

An emotional message from Nigris Poncho towards his father generated harsh criticism on social networks. Followers were outraged by the former contestant ‘The House of the Famous’ for “anticipating” the death of his parent.

This Tuesday, December 26, the husband of Marcela Mistral He met with his family to celebrate the holidays and shared the beautiful moment on his Instagram account. instagram. Bluntly, mentioned that this could be the last Christmas of his father, Jesús Alfonso de Nigris.

In the title, he took the opportunity to relate what happened at their meeting: “The best dad ever. We talk and we said goodbye if necessaryI wish we could do the work he did with his children, a successful pyro in life and on the field. Thank you all and the dynasty continues with our children.” In the photo, which has obtained more than 70 thousand likes, Aldo de Nigris and Ponchito de Nigris also appear.

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Users criticize Poncho de Nigris for “anticipating” his father’s departure

Although the intention of the former teammate Wendy Guevara It was sharing a special moment with family, The followers did not forgive him and quickly pointed out him for bringing forward his father’s death..

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It should be noted that this is not the first time that Poncho has been criticized for how he handles his relationship with his parents. A week ago, They attacked him online for making fun of the excess of Botox that his mother used, Leticia Guajardo.

“Nmms Poncho, he looks more alive than you”, “Why are you always saying that your dad is going to die? Don’t decree negative things. Someday you will reach his age if you are lucky,” and “Since when have you been firing him and are they the ones that last the longest?”were some of the comments. However, there were also those who supported the influencer and sent congratulatory messages to his family.

Poncho de Nigris responded to the controversy about his employees

In the last weeks, Poncho de Nigris has been the subject of controversy for publications on social networks. One of the most recent was when he shared a tour of his house and showed the room where his cleaning employees sleep. Some criticized him as “miserable.”

Nigris Poncho

Poncho de Nigris was described as “miserable” on social networks.

(Instagram @ponchodenigris)

A day later, the actor also spoke out to demonstrate that the utility room was large and neat enough for at least three people to live there. “Let’s see what the complaint is, because I see the room as very big.”, he stated.