‘Poncho Square Pants’: De Nigris laughs like SpongeBob and the nets explode, it’s just the same!

Poncho de Nigris has now been called “Ponchoesponja” on social networks due to his laughter.


Already almost finished “The house of famous Mexico” and, with it, the funny moments that one of the most popular reality shows on Mexican television has left us. However, there is still one more week of statements, controversy and, above all, funny moments. On this occasion, nigris poncho he was the inspiration for several memes and he was even given a new nickname due to a funny comparison to SpongeBob.

That’s how it is! “Bikini Bottom” reached out to celebrities seeking to win the final prize of four million pesos that “The House of Famous Mexico” offers, and they will only achieve it by winning the affection of the public. Nigris Poncho, who is already a finalistis quite advanced in this regard, since he is one of the members who has taken the most prominence due to his statements, his fights with Sergio Mayer, the controversial parties and, now, for laughing like “SpongeBob”, what do you think, if it turns out the same?

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“Poncho Square Pants” or “Ponchoesponja”: These are the new nicknames De Nigris earned after the celebrity let out a funny laugh just like Nickelodeon’s beloved marine character. The fans who heard the laughter during a broadcast of the program “Resulta y Resalta” they were surprised by the resemblanceand it is that the laugh of “SpongeBob” is one of the most characteristic elements of the character in the Latin dubbing.

In videos circulating at the moment, Poncho de Nigris is heard mocking a “SpongeBob” style joke made by Wendy Guevara, also a contestant of “La casa de los famouses México” during a space of opinions that he carries out within the reality show and that he has already given us other funny statements.

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Internauts They did not take long to comment on the original video where you can see the moment of Poncho de Nigris’s laughter, being surprised at how well it turns out and congratulating him on his talent, since they believe that he could do the dubbing of “SpongeBob” convincingly. “He does the dubbing… Hahaha”, “his laugh makes me laugh”, “Yes it is”, “Not even ordered to make the nickname of Ponchoesponja hahaha”, are some of the comments that can be seen in the post original.