Pope Francis condemned the Russian attack on Dnipro: “You cannot remain indifferent”

Transfer of the body of a victim among the rubble of the residential building attacked in Dnipro (Reuters) (CLODAGH KILCOYNE /)

The Pope Francisco affirmed this Wednesday that missile attacks like the one last Saturday against a residential building in the Ukrainian town of dnipro in which many people died, including children, is a “strong appeal to all consciences” Y “can not remain indifferent”.

“Please, do not forget to pray for the martyred Ukraineso in need of closeness, comfort and above all peace”, said the Pope at the end of the general audience held as every Wednesday in the Paul VI hall of the Vatican.

Francisco recalled, although without citing the town, that “last Saturday, a new missile attack claimed numerous civilian victims, including children”.

“I express my piercing grief to family members. The images and testimonies of this tragic episode are a strong appeal to all consciences. You can not remain indifferent”, he added.


The National Police of Ukraine reported 45 fatalities, including six childrendue to the impact on Saturday of a Russian Kh-22 missile on a residential building of Dnipo. The youngest deceased was 11 months old, according to authorities.

The number of victims made Saturday’s attack one of the deadliest since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine last February.

The Kremlin has denied responsibility for the attack, which also injured 79 people.

In addition, 20 people were still missing, 4 of them children.

The Dnipro attack prompted the resignation of a senior Ukrainian official who had sparked outrage by suggesting that air defense might have been responsible by intercepting a Russian missile, which then fell on the building. The Ukrainian military stated that the apartment block was hit by a Russian X-22 missile that it has no shoot-down capability.

President Volodimir Zelensky He vowed to bring those responsible for the attack to justice, saying it is “a fundamental task” for Ukraine and its Western allies. “This attack on Dnipro, like other similar attacks, falls in particular under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court”he said in a video message Monday night.

“And we will seize every available opportunity – both domestic and international – to ensure that all Russian murderers, everyone who gives and executes orders for missile terrorism against our people, faces legal sentences. And make sure they serve their punishment,” he said.

(With information from EFE, AFP, AP)

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