Pope Francis denounced “the pleasure of so many soldiers in torturing Ukrainians”

Pope Francis acknowledged that there are some people who feel “pleasure in torture”something that can be seen in cases of bullying in schools and also in the war in Ukraine, during the first interview of a pontiff recorded in a television studio.

The “A Sua Immagine” program, a religious space on Italian public television RAIbroadcast this Sunday an interview that the Pope recorded on May 27 after going personally to the Saxa Rubra studios of the station, on the Roman periphery.

There are many interviews that Francisco and his predecessors have given to the media, but never before had a pontiff sat on a television seta milestone highlighted by the RAI and by the Holy See.

The Pope chose for the occasion to go to the space that RAI has dedicated since 1999 to religious news, a special edition that started with Francis himself traveling by car from the Vatican.

Upon his arrival, he told the presenter, Lorena Bianchetti, that he had only set foot in a television studio as a child, in Buenos Aires, and began to be questioned by the public about religious and current affairs.

After listening to the testimony of a young woman who is being abused, she responded: “Evil is one of the possibilities of people, and there are children who feel, it is a disease, but they feel this pleasure in torturing”.

We are seeing it in the warin the images of war, the pleasure of so many soldiers in torturing Ukrainian soldiers”, he added when talking about people who “pretend to be victorious”.

There were several references to the war in Ukraine, a conflict for which he once again asked for peace, with which “you always win” since “everything is lost with war.”

“Today people do not educate meekness so much, they think that being meek is being stupid. No, meekness is a big thing. He who is not meek is a loser, because he is not capable of caressing”, he pointed out and acknowledged that he also received insults as a child on some occasion.

Apparitions of the Virgin

Among the religious matters that he commented on, one of his most forceful affirmations came when he spoke of the apparitions of the Virgin (Marian apparitions), of which he said that they are “an instrument of Marian devotion that is not always true”.

“Sometimes they are images of the person. There are images of the Virgin that are true, but the Virgin has never drawn herself. I like to see the Virgin like this, with her finger up, pointing to Jesus, ”she assured.

The Pope in the Rai studio (via Reuters)
The Pope in the Rai studio (via Reuters) (VATICAN MEDIA /)

“When Marian devotion is too focused on itself, it is not good,” he completed.

Also asked not to get used to being free: “We are badly used to it because the Lord has been so good to us that he has accustomed us to the sense of gratuitousness. AND we want it all for free”.

We have to give our own, develop our things. And in this is the effort that must always be made. No one can give freely if they do not have the experience of earning that gratuity.

At one point in the broadcast, the parents of the 5-year-old girl who died the day after the Pope hugged her during her recent admission to the Gemelli Hospital in Rome appeared, an image that traveled the world. so, francis stressed the importance of “accompanying” in pain and he recalled that it was essential for him to feel that company when he suffered a lung infection at just 21 years old, “almost to death.”

And he asked to educate the little ones within the limits: “You have to educate to the limit. If they make a boy, a girl, a child grow without limits, they are doing evil. They need the caress, the love, but also the no to the whims”.

(With information from EFE)

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